Sumit Patil

RAAM Qualified_001
Sumit Patil is a 28 year old endurance cyclist from Mumbai & is the third Indian to qualify for the world’s toughest cycling race – RAAM: Race Across America.
Born and bought up in an Indian middle class family. He belongs to Alibag – a town in Maharashtra’s Raigad District. Sumit moved to Mumbai in 2001 to fulfill his childhood ambition of joining the Indian Army, under the guidance of Capt. Suresh Vanjari.A Master’s in Physics, Sumit is also a fine marksman, a Mountaineer, an Avid Trekker, a Landscape Photographer , a Musician, an Astronomer, a Marathoner and an Ultra Cyclist.

Into endurance activities since more than a decade, ultra-cycling happened to him, in the year 2010 , in the form of Randonneuring, a movement started in India by Mr. Satish Patki.

A dreamer who doesn’t give up has put in more than 50,000 km in training in the last four years and has also covered more than 5400 km during events like BRMs, PBP, Desert 500 and UltraBOB. This total distance can take him more than once around our planet Earth.

Sumit became the third Indian to qualify for the Race Across America on 24th March 2013. He did so by completing Ultra BOB, a 601 km Ultra Marathon Cycling Association world championship event in 30 hours 52 minutes.

He aspires to become the first Indian ever, to complete the Race Across America (RAAM) and eliminate this ‘unknown territory’ from our nation’s history.